I wonder: how authentic to ourselves are we? Do we really have clarity?

What are the three questions to ask ourselves? Can we really be honest, or will we lie to ourselves?

1. Am I really vulnerable?

2. Do I walk in my clarity?

3. What would it mean to connect with myself?

A Present

I am in one of those moods. The one thing that we do consistently is focus research, knowledge, and education on math and finance. This education is for one reason: to create monetary wealth and social power. Unfortunately, we do not think to focus that same power on our bodies to create wealth in our bodies. Do you know what that means? We do everything negative to trash our bodies– spiritually, socially, and physically. So many people do well and are financially independent, but then end up in a wheelchair, or hospitalized after a stroke or other disease and the money does no good. If you have balance in your life, you can focus love and create both physical and financial wealth.