All sentient beings need to collaborate consciously with one voice regardless of gender, politics, or religion.

For some reason society thinks that women aren’t equal. Where does this thought process come from that women aren’t a viable part of society?

What’s the elephant in the room that we are ignoring? We continue to kick the same old can down the same old road without clarity or consistency. Where is this road leading us? What’s your commitment to the Goddesses in your life?

The elephant in the room is the basic inequality between men and women. Little advancements are allowed and that’s supposed to be enough. Look at the Augusta Golf Club, they have allowed two women, high-profile women, in … is this really advancement? This is one example of small movement that is blown out of proportion and women are supposed to feel honored.

It’s time to get a real dialogue started with what’s going on in the world today, right now everywhere you look. Please share your thoughts, write a comment. Here’s where never lying to yourself and being authentic comes into your life. What are your thoughts?: “I can’t write what I think in case someone sees this?”; “My partner would kill me if he/she saw my comments”; Be authentic, be present – share your thoughts – let’s get this going!