I have very strange thoughts today, that I’ve been writing this blog;
for a couple months and the one thing that I have not, I have not said
to my family and friends colleagues clients , my social media
Thank you

Clarity and present

I just heard Wayne Dyer talk about consciousness and being present. His word (consciousness) is in the now, just as my word (being present) is in the now.

I think this perspective is hard for most sentient beings because they left that frame of reference when they left the womb and their parents. Leaving the womb changes the consciousness to be afraid, to doubt, to second-guess, to disbelieve, and to lie to ourselves. How do you change? The easiest way to overcome this limitation is to love yourself unconditionally without subconscious and/or conscious interference, or — as Wayne said– to be God like.


All sentient beings need to collaborate consciously with one voice regardless of gender, politics, or religion.

For some reason society thinks that women aren’t equal. Where does this thought process come from that women aren’t a viable part of society?

What’s the elephant in the room that we are ignoring? We continue to kick the same old can down the same old road without clarity or consistency. Where is this road leading us? What’s your commitment to the Goddesses in your life?

The elephant in the room is the basic inequality between men and women. Little advancements are allowed and that’s supposed to be enough. Look at the Augusta Golf Club, they have allowed two women, high-profile women, in … is this really advancement? This is one example of small movement that is blown out of proportion and women are supposed to feel honored.

It’s time to get a real dialogue started with what’s going on in the world today, right now everywhere you look. Please share your thoughts, write a comment. Here’s where never lying to yourself and being authentic comes into your life. What are your thoughts?: “I can’t write what I think in case someone sees this?”; “My partner would kill me if he/she saw my comments”; Be authentic, be present – share your thoughts – let’s get this going!

WOMEN…FIRST Conversation

I do not understand how we talk about the advances we have made in the world while we have made slaves of a large number of sentient beings living here on this earth. We have been on this planet a long time; we have explored Earth, OCEANS and SPACE.

Over the next several weeks I would like to have a dialogue with my readers about the inequality that exists between men and women.

I am puzzled by my gender. We say that we are religious and God-fearing sentient beings. The people that we have given power to say they know what’s best for humanity, yet the one thing we forget is how we came to be here. Who was the first teacher in your life? Who wiped your ass and fed you at her breast? Who made sure you survived? The Goddess, the Female, your Mother.

Any comments as we begin this discussion? Please share with all of us.


This week we’re going to transition away from focusing on the 5 C’s and onto a topic that I’ve given a lot of thought to … WOMEN. We’ll discuss the power of women and society’s role in either honoring women’s power or attempting to squash the power altogether.

This is bound to be a controversial few weeks and I welcome everyone’s thoughts.

Stay tuned.


Many years ago I founded a non-profit for youth and education called 7 Tepees. In working with the young people and adults who became part of this program I had to come up with a way to communicate clearly. I developed the 5C’s – clarity, commitment, consistency, collaboration and communication to foster their growth. As I worked with these sentient beings I decided to add ‘Never Lie to Yourself’, ‘Being Authentic’ and ‘Being Present’. These tools assist in them making better choices in their lives.

My life had to have these values woven into it as well. I had some clean up work to do and it was time to do it. Now these values are present in my every step and every word. This way people can see and feel what I am talking about.

If there are areas in your life that are undesirable, shameful or stagnant, it’s now time to apply these values. Take the time to know why you do what you do and be honest with yourself.

What examples from your life have you had to pause and think through?


How is your practice going? Are you writing in and reading your journal on a day-to-day basis to reinforce your mindfulness? What other assistance do you need? Are you taking the time to be quiet and reflect? Do you remain patient and loving with yourself? This is critical. Unconditional love IS the path to living an authentic life, starting with you.

Please share your thoughts to help others on the same path.


Over the last 8 weeks we reviewed a path for living your life authentically. The stepping stones are Clarity, Commitment, Consistency, Collaboration, Communication, Never Lie to Yourself, Authentic and Being Present. They work together to support your growth as a sentient being.

As you work on these values, they become woven into your DNA until it becomes second nature. This path takes time and practice. It doesn’t need force, it needs Fluid Movement.

Over the last two months, have you incorporated these practices into your life? How have you done that? Please share your process to assist others.