By taking the time to be quiet, by yourself, you learn how to be present with others. You take the time to listen to your surroundings. When you listen, you don’t add the back story to the sounds. You are simply aware of the sound itself.

When I am out in the woods at my home, I go out and I am aware of all life forms. I don’t distract myself with other sounds. I join the other sentient beings that are sharing Mother Earth with me.

When I am walking in the city, I stay present by scanning in all 7 directions, I am aware and I greet other sentient beings with a smile and enjoyment. For they too share Mother Earth with me.

When a person is present, they bring the light that’s within to the room. Their presence warms the space and brings joy to themselves and others.

Tell us where you are most aware of sharing this Earth with other beings? Are you present when you spend time with your partner or your children? When you listen are you with them fully?


Practice by being alone and quiet. Listen using all of your senses. Focus on being aware of all 7 directions – East, South, West, North, Above you, Beneath you, Inside you. What do you notice? Be aware of the Earth. Sit quietly for a few minutes every day – just breath, be quiet and listen fully.

How often do you feel present every day? Share with others how you come back to this moment.


Being present is being exactly where you are from the moment you open your eyes, take a breath and get out of bed. It means seeing in all 7 directions* at all times. When you are with friends your monkey brain doesn’t pull you away to work or family, when you are at work, you are there to collaborate with your colleagues.

You remain aware of your surroundings without being distracted by them. You listen and you see what’s happening around you, while at the same time, you stay with the person you are with or the project you are working on.

Being present means not being rushed. If you are in a rush, you aren’t giving unconditional love to yourself or others. Sit quietly, listen with all your senses, be authentic and you will be present. This is a gift. It is a gift to yourself and when you are with another person, it’s a gift to them. By staying present you can appreciate and love this moment without thought to the past or the present. Be by yourself or with another sentient being and enjoy this time fully.

Tell us what you think – how often are your truly present? Do you worry about the future? Does this worry take you away into a long story line about things that “could” happen? Do you worry about the past and what did or didn’t occur? When do you feel most present? Cooking? Making love? Playing with children or animals?

*More on 7 Directions to come

EXAMPLE of Authentic

What does being AUTHENTIC mean to me?

When I see people from different areas of my life – work, home, family, friends, I am the same. I have clarity and I am honest with who I am and what I feel without getting defensive.

I am not a chameleon that changes colors based on the environment. I stay true to myself and live and flow with Mother Earth. I don’t work at getting people to like me. I love myself unconditionally without looking for anything in return. I am Authentic.

Being Authentic flows naturally after our last blog of Never Lie to Yourself. Being Authentic takes it one step further – it takes it outside to the public, to your friends, your family and to work. You know who you are, now share who you are to the World.

Share what you have experienced with being authentic. Has this exercise made you more aware of the different roles you play in your life? What have you learned?

Your practice authentic

Ask yourself: When am I most authentic? Do I tend to play roles in different areas of my life? Do I argue with myself when act differently with different people? Do people comment that I am different at home? at work? with family? Do you love yourself unconditionally?

Start your practice in being Authentic today. If you have a journal, write down your answers to the above questions. If you don’t have a journal, start one now.

Share your thoughts with the blog. Do you have other questions that reveal your authentic self?

Philosophy of Authentic

Being Authentic is to be the same person 24/7 without reservation. You are comfortable being vulnerable and open with unconditional love for yourself at all times. Your ego doesn’t start demanding that you act differently depending on where you are.

Regardless of who you are with – friends, work colleagues, or family – you stay authentic and present. You don’t play a role. There is no compromise with being authentic, just be honest with the God or Goddess within.

Share with others. Tell us if you find yourself being different depending on where you are and who you are with. Let us know what that feels like inside? Now, are you willing to live authentically? See how you feel when there is one you – the authentic, beautiful person you are.

Example of never lie to yourself

What does Never Lie to Myself mean to me?

When I see someone on the street that I haven’t seen in a while, I stay present and I’m excited that they’re in front of me right then and I show that excitement. Sometimes I see people who right after saying hello, move to the future and refer to a vague lunch, coffee, phone call or email that won’t happen. Goodbyes are said without exchanging phone numbers, emails or a date. That is an example of lying to yourself.

When asked how I’m doing, I am truthful. If sick or dealing with a hard reality, I don’t answer, “Everything is terrific!”

When asked if I enjoyed a movie, or what I thought of someone’s work, I keep the truth in line with what I communicate. This isn’t direction to be mean or rude, just real and authentic.

It’s very important for your overall health that the words you speak and the inner voice you hear are Consistent.

Comment on your examples of Never Lying to Yourself. Has this process made you more authentic? What have you learned from this? We can all learn and discover from each other.


Ask yourself: What do I need in my life? What do I want in my life? How can I get there?            When do I feel most like myself? When do I feel least like my authentic self? What’s the best that can happen? Where do I find joy? Do I trust myself? Do you love yourself unconditionally?

Share your thoughts with the blog. Do you have other questions that reveal your inner truth?


Never Lie to Yourself means hearing and listening to your inner voice regardless of the noise outside. When you ignore your voice you create inner confusion. It creates doubt leading you to lose trust in your actions.

When you are honest with yourself you have Clarity. Communication is aligned with your inner Goddess or God. Making a Commitment to listen to yourself leads to Collaboration and clear action. Your words and your actions are in sync Consistently.

Let’s make this interactive. Let me know what you think of Never Lie to Yourself. Are you listening to yourself and do you hear what you are saying?


Collaboration is working with the true nature of who I am. Accepting myself for who I am.

People who are willing to support my endeavors will naturally be drawn to my authentic self. They will take my career and my life one step further, closer to my goals. I am free to give to my collaboraters freely as they replenish me with their mutual support. I need to collaborate with those who have the ability and generosity to help me. I need to collaborate with those that understand that if we work together, new opportunities will present themselves. I need to collaborate with those that understand that I have something to offer in return. I need to collaborate with those that can truly see me.

I want a career that is challenging and allows me room to grow. I want a partner that will share with me along the way.

I will put disparate pieces together to make something special come together and make connections where they weren’t before.