Clarity is the DNA in each of us.

It is who we are without ego. Ego comes from outside of us. It’s what other people believe we ought to be doing and feeling.

Clarity is our innate knowledge and power. We don’t have to give up that power for anybody else.

Having clarity is life-changing. Clarity is the first step to living honestly. True clarity is non-judgmental and unconditional.

Clarity is the blueprint of where you want to go and who you want to be. The presence of clarity will bring the things you want most into your life.

Clarity is dropping the ignorance that we all pretend not to have. You do know who you are and what you want.

Clarity is the first step necessary to establish vision, direction, goals, and a course of action.

When you exercise clarity, you are able to get up every day and remember exactly what it is you need to do and why.

There is an absence of doubt. You get clarity by listening to your inner mind, a combination of intellect and instinct.

1st step

Get Ready for Monday’s assignment.

Monday is the day we will discuss CLARITY.

Please have a piece of paper and pen ready to go.

After you read my blog please write down what clarity means to you.

This is from you, not the dictionary, not any other resource, but from the sentient being that is you.

You can respond by email, blog, or mail this to me personally.


I am self-employed and there are natural ups and downs to my workload. When business is up, things are good but when work gets slow, a black cloud descends. I don’t like to be underemployed and I find this recession a challenge. Over the years, I have learned different ways of combating the black cloud: running, eating consciously and meditation.

I am ready for the next step.

I have a constant interior conversation about my self-esteem. But now I see that this voice in my head is monkey-brain chatter and should not be trusted. I am eager to do what needs to be done to move toward my authentic self.

The Five C’s Philosphy

The guiding principles are Clarity, Commitment, Consistency, Collaboration and Communication.

These Five”C’s” are the ways to get onto the life– changing path and coming the best you can be.

They work together as stepping stones, guiding you on this pad, so that you can achieve great clarity in your overall life goals.

The goal is to get to your vibrationally higher self.

The Five” C’s” gives you the tools to break this seemingly daunting task into manageable, bite– size bits. step-by-step, you will identify a consistency practice that will allow you to work with the self, rather than going against the natural grain of who you are.