Communication is sharing this paradigm with all sentient beings. Share your own path and encourage others to find theirs. Reach out into the world and touch people with your experiences.

Once you are clear, committed and practicing consistency, you must communicate your intentions to the universe. If you do not lie to yourself, you do not lie to others.

Foster their light and encourage their authenticity with your positive and authentic support. They will return it.


What am I going to do to stay on this path?
Consistency is keeping the promises I have made to myself even when they are hard. It means sticking to the schedule I have made even when there are obstacles in my path.

It means doing the job when it needs to get done, running long in the pouring rain or saying no to the big fluffy donut. It is taking a Sunday morning to figure out a response to a difficult situation when I would rather reading my runners magazine in the sunshine. Consistency is being compassionate with myself when I am disappointed and mustering the courage to try again because I know I have learned. Consistency is being open to change when it is called for because moving forward is more important than adhering to a rigid schedule created before you knew what you know now.


Consistency is the willingness and the discipline to do what needs to be done every day, every hour and every minute. This is where your life will change to honor the commitments you have made to yourself. You will become the sentient being that you are. Consistency integrates the commitments you have made into every breath you take. Change the paradigm of who you are and live it!

Take that shield and turn it into a platter so that you can receive and give.


Am I ready?
I’m ready.

What is the best that can happen?

I have enough money to stay in my house and to be generous to the ones that I love. I can live a life in harmony with my beliefs and strengths, and to meet challenges with growth and strength. To do what I do and have the respect of my colleagues for doing it. To be engaged and part of “the conversation”.

What do I have to do to get there?
To get there, I will have the strength to make the decisions that will lead me forward. By choosing the path to which I am committed without ambiguity and with clarity is part of that equation. To get there, I will find someone to work with me on the next project and the next and the next. I will do the job well and get better every time. To get there, I will be paid for what I contribute and my collaborators will strengthen my projects with their unique expertise. I will find these people for work and for life, for love and community.
What does it feel like to have commitment?

It feels solid like a structure, like roots under my feet. It is my foundation below me and the roof over my head. It feels like downwind sailing with the breeze going in my direction. My toe in the water, it is all so easy. It feels like my friends head on my legs as we are talking.

What does it taste like.
Commitment tastes like a perfect sweet orange after a long hard run, like a cup of coffee with whipped cream, curled up in bed reading my books on zen in the early morning, like a glass of dry reisling on a picnic bench in the sun with friends and a selection of cheese and nuts and dates. Commitment tastes like a lover’s kiss when you have been waiting and wanting to see them again.

The color is a the many colors walking through in bright bouquet of wild flowers in the desert grasses after water first comes in early spring.


Ask yourself:
Am I ready?
What is the best that can happen?
What do you have to do to get there? Money? Time? Other people?
What does it feel like to have commitment? What does it taste like, smell like?
What color is it?
What is the next step that you can take TODAY?


Commitment is the decision to live with clarity. You must stay focused and present with this commitment. This is an important step in creating change in your life. Clarity is the decision to get on the path to become that person that you want to be and believing and knowing that possibility is real.

Never lie to yourself. It is self defeating. Commitment is the knowledge to yourself you can learn to live authentically.


Who am I?

I am 54, 5’-8”, a runner, an architect, an auntie, a sister, a friend, a lover. I am full of ideas. I find comfort in beauty I know how to make a schedule and follow it. I am curious and crazy for learning. I believe in the importance of being fair and listening and accepting points of view different from my own. I am open to change and bored by the lack of it.

What can I do TODAY with Clarity?

Today I can map out a schedule of where I want to go in the next few months and how I can get there.

What does Clarity mean to me?

Clarity means knowing my purpose without ambiguity and insecurity. It means envisioning a future and knowing it is right and it is mine.

What does Clarity look like?

It looks like me confident, feeling strong and decisive. I am willing to say my mind when I know that I believe something and to wait when the time is not right. I am willing to try new skills and learn to make them second nature. I am assured in my interactions and not shy to be the center of attention.

What is the best that can happen?

I have projects that are engaging, and I am respected for what I know and can contribute. I listen to the concerns of others and learn from them. I am engaged in relationships that allow me to grow and teach me new ways of understanding. I am supportive and loving to those I care about. I contribute to my community in a meaningful way that matters to me and to them. I make the time to take care of my body, my spirit and my connections. I have a partner who is as engaged as I am in a relationship that encourages us in our endeavors and is greater than the sum of our parts.

What color is it?

It’s not a color so much as it is many patterns put together in ways that surprise but work. As a color, it is pale green turquoise watery blue like the sea over sand made from coral, or the color of light going through glass. It is a rich chocolate brown that shimmers with a dark red in the right light.

What does the taste like?

It tastes like the raw vegan cake at my friends birthday party. So delicious and chocolaty creamy good without guilt or sugar or post-gluten headache. Like a fresh carrot from the garden.